Sunday, June 3, 2012

Psalm 31

But I trust in You, Lord … Whatever comes will come; but i trust in You, Lord, You who sees my anguish, You who delivers, You who holds times, You who hears and responds – my Rock of Refuge, my Shelter, my Fortress, my Mercy-Bringer. May this be my first response, my knee-jerk reaction, my initial call in every situation – no matter the circumstance. But i trust in You. Grow me up in this, cultivate the faith and gratitude which are harmonious reflections of being a daughter of the King.

deliver me in Your righteousness … not my righteousness, help me; but in Your righteousness. Deliverance is only from and by You, Your righteousness, Your faithfulness, Your presence, Your authority, Your love. May i receive all and experience Your complete deliverance in Your righteousness. Only You. I am awed by Your provision. I praise You still.

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