Sunday, November 4, 2012

2 Kings 8

Lord, I see favor in the form of a warning given to a woman who serves Your prophet, I see answers without warning given to kings.  I see tears over what is coming and a trusted counselor committing murder.  I see a traitor who doesn't kill the one who knows his plan.  I see complicated kings, kingdoms and relatives.    Battles, wounds, elaborate gifts and abundant restoration.  But in the midst of all of these various circumstances I see You, nevertheless, for the sake of Your servant David,  not willing to destroy Judah because You promised to maintain a lamp for David and his descendants forever.  You are faithful, promise-keeping, steadfast and true to Your Word.  With all the treacherousness and betrayals, famines and rebellions, commoners without names and too many named kings, You are the ever-steady thread, the cord of constancy who never changes or hedges on Your Word.  I praise You for Your faithfulness and great is Your faithfulness, Lord unto everyone and unto me.  Thank You Father for Your amazing, gracious, immutability.  Worthy, You are!

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