Saturday, November 3, 2012

2 Kings 7

Oh Warrior God, what a tremendous story of victory and provision without bloodshed. I lift those who struggle with oppressive thoughts and dire circumstances and ask that You would send the evidence of Your spiritual might and victory to their minds and souls that those parasitical imaginations would disappear in the darkness, even as the Arameans did the night of their despoiling. God, teach me the spiritual warcraft of plundering the enemy in absentia in Your Name for the praise of Your Name. Also, I can see the officer who questioned the promise may not have thought his inquiry offensive; but Lord, don’t let me follow his example. Oh, may I receive and believe the wholeness of Your words and promises. Holy Spirit, help me to respond in faith and not even pick at a hangnail of doubt. You are Lord over all, the physical, the spiritual, the eternal and every other realm about which I can’t imagine…I trust You. I trust YOU. You are True.

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