Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2 Kings 11

 But Jehosheba ... took Joash .... She put him and his nurse in a bedroom to hide him from Athaliah; so he was not killed.  He remained hidden with his nurse at the temple of the Lord for six years while Athaliah ruled the land.

Lord, on this post-election day, I thank You and praise You that our change of leadership is not like the histories I have read in Kings.  Thank You for the peace and orderliness of the elections.  May I be like Aunt Jehosheba, brave, loving, determined, taking the opportunities You provide me to snatch others from the path of destruction and hatred, lead them to You and help them to be hidden in Your sacred presence - even though the enemy still rules the land, the air and the darkness.  No life is insignificant, You desire all to be saved, and You remember mercy.  May my life bring You glory as I live as a reflection of Your priorities, may I operate with the spiritual discernment and power to accomplish the feats You have assigned to me, and may I trust all the more when it is scary and the the resolution takes a long time to appear.  Life or death.  That's really what's at stake.  Thank You.

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