Friday, September 21, 2012

Psalm 136

God, help me to realize that every act You perform, every nuance of an action, from creation to hard things which are difficult to categorize, are expressions of Your very faithful love. You do not change; but my running, mental commentary is often fickle – when a kindness comes my way or to another, I can easily see Your steadfast love. Yet, when hardships hit and challenges blow down on my family and friends – I find myself without the proper words to offer. I know You are good. You are GOOD. I need God-perspective and God-language to communicate Your faithfulness, Your goodness, Your steadfastness. Help me to focus increasingly on You and not so much on how miserable I feel or how I don’t know what to say. I choose to speak of Your faithful love and enduring pursuit of each one of us. May You be praised in my life today.

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