Sunday, September 2, 2012

Psalm 119:97-128; Mem, Nun, Samekh, Ayin

מ Mem -
On Your words, I meditate, focus, obey.  I am teachable, I keep them close and I take them in; they are my constant companions.  I expect to be strengthen, nourished, revitalized by them.  Lord, I would that these were my M.O.  Please, Holy Spirit, today, may I walk consistently in these priorities, seeking to bring You glory, to see You at work and to be complicit with Your will.  Thank You.

נ Nun - Your statutes are my heritage forever;  they are the joy of my heart.  
My heart is set on keeping Your decrees to the very end.  Help me, Holy Spirit to believe this; that Your words are my eternal, supernatural birthright, my daily way of life and the pattern for the forever life with You.

ס Samekh - Sustain me, my God...
You are faithful to Your words, Your character, Yourself.  I need sustaining today.  Sustain me in the spiritual, the physical, the emotional and all of the realms in-between and beyond.  I thank You and praise You that You are my Sustainer. 

ע Ayin -  I am Your servant; give me discernment that I may understand Your statutes.
  Lord Jesus, thank You for the privilege to be Your servant, as You came to serve, not be served.  I need discernment, comprehension, apprehension in order that I may fully receive and understand what You have said.  I need to know.  Please have mercy on Your servant-girl. 

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