Saturday, November 13, 2010

Acts 10

Acts 10:4    And the angel replied, “Your prayers and gifts to the poor have been received by God as an offering! My prayers are received as an offering.  God pays attention to the prayers for more than the content.    Revelation 5:8  And when he had taken it, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of God’s people.   Psalm 141:2  May my prayer be set before you like incense; may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice.

23 So Peter invited the men to stay for the night. The next day he went with them, accompanied by some of the brothers from Joppa.  Obedience has a cost and usually an inconvenience.  Holy Father, please give me grace to view Your opportunity in the midst of uncertainty, let me obey and be grateful for the cost and inconvenience I am privileged to steward for Your great Name's sake.  If it's a cost I can pay, it is only because of Your supply.  If it's an inconvenience I can sacrifice, then it has been Your gift to me for that time.  Thank You for letting me in on Your adventure.
45And the believers from among the circumcised [the Jews] who came with Peter were surprised and amazed, because the free gift of the Holy Spirit had been bestowed and poured out largely even on the Gentiles.
  King of the Universe, please let me be amazed and surprised by You because of You and not because I am jealous, narrow-minded, and selfish.  Allow me to delight in Your great and generous works for others and with others, never failing to be grateful for Your tender attentions to my estate and for the unique ways You deal with each of Your unique children.  I love Your freedom.

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